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So, Responsive Design...

Hey, Mitch here. Liquid Visual is my business. I specialise in responsive web development here in Sydney. I work with Agencies mostly, and their #01 problem is outsourcing overseas. The quality of work is shit, code is a mess and nothing is maintainable.

Why do others fail?

Because responsive design is hard, first and foremost. These offshore businesses are dealing with hundreds of clients and the developers aren't being paid enough, so you end up with a dodgy end-product and a lame user experience.

I build responsive websites exclusively and I have a deep understanding of the best techniques and methods. I also code everything through a static site generator which enables me to lay out templates (with proper inheritance) so back-end devs can integrate with their systems smoothly. This saves everyone time.

How I can help you

  • Quality Consulting

    Project managers often use me as their go-to consultant for anything web related. This is free - I don't charge for emails. My communication is concise, well thought out and clear. If there's something I'm unsure of, I'll research it and actually get back to you.
  • PSD to Responsive Builds

    I help agencies build websites from a single PSD - often the product of a crowd sourcing website like 99 designs or Crowdspring. With the advantage of a previous design background I'm able to interpret a single static homepage and create a complete styleguide with multiple consistent inner pages that are all responsive.
  • Client Communication

    I help project managers communicate with their clients on technical concerns through clear, well argued emails and ad-hoc demos. I realise in most cases that emails from you are originally words from the client, so I write everything with that in mind so you can reuse my words directly.
  • The Designer Goes M.I.A

    Often I'll receive graphics that are photocopied, low resolution, or the designer is M.I.A. These could be logos, infographics or various other bits and bobs that aren't usable in their current state. Rather than hiring a new designer, I can rebuild those graphics (or template files) and make them responsive to boot.
  • Marketing Materials (Coming Soon)

    I'll soon be able to provide you with valuable materials to help convince your clients to purchase responsive websites. Making us both money. Marketing responsive websites is hard, because to most (normal) people it's abstract boring techno-babble and non tech-savvy clients won't give two cents - why should they? I'll help you talk revenue with them, which they'll actually hear.

For everything else,
you need a wolf

If you're familiar with Pulp Fiction, you may remember the famous scene where Harvey Kieitel ("The Wolf") is summoned to fix a horrible problem. Namely one which involves the strategic removal of brain matter from the backseat of a car. He is a "fixer" and he solves problems. Now.. while I'm not advocating that I assist in the disposal of dead gangsters (sorry), many front-end problems are ugly, messy and downright gruesome even. Some poorly coded websites may as well be considered crime scenes. In situations where the problem may be too obscure for any one person to deal with, you need someone willing to get their hands dirty...

You need a front-end WOLF.

It's time to Get
Responsive Development Right

Hire me for a project and I'll make your life easier. I care about my clients just as you care for your customers. I'm currently accepting partnerships with a limited number of agencies so if you're after a reliable front-end developer, consultant and responsive web specialist I'm your guy.

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